No two Customers are same and we know that
Customers are as unique as their values and their Business needs. That’s why our solutions are tailored to the needs of our customer’s Business.
For the most effective Penetration Testing team
With over 120 pre-built Test use cases, we serve the most demanding needs of Customers.


engagements annually



reviewed annually



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available globally

Protecting Customer data to 25M+ users
With experience in data security on Firewalls, Web Proxy, Email Protection, Intrusion System etc…, iBovi is the first choice for most financial, banking & Healthcare providers.
Customer Data records - 26,437,768
# Attacks Defended - 463
Advantages of PWNUSPenetration Testing Service

+120 Certified Penetration Testers

PwnUS – Penetration Testing service hosts some of the most renowned certified and blackhats (Hackers) in the world. This enables customers the ability to choose hackers based on country, certification, experience & accomplishments.


Pay per Vulnerability

With over 120 Penetration testers around the globe, we offer the best penetration testers from China, India, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria, Bulgaria, etc. working for us upon notice and pay for confirmed Vulnerability only.


99.92% uptime while Penetration Testing

With over 15 years of experience in CyberSecurity and we excel in ensuring minimal downtime (while having 150 Hackers on the system), Security Automation(SOAR), Security Monitoring(SIEM) & Vulnerability Assessment (VAPT). This experience has contributed to the development of the most effective Security Operations in any type of company.


Customer Identity Protection

Customers come first and so does the protection of Customer identity, Data and system are of the utmost importance. The processes within PwnUS protects the identity of the customer to minimize the possibility of marketing undisclosed vulnerability.

We guarantee over 91% accuracy in every Penetration Testing engagement


PwnUS is the most cost effective Penetration testing service available in the market for security minded product development teams. Since you pay per vulnerability, a robustly developed secure application will yeild low to none vulnerability reducing the cost for Penetration Testing

Over 120+ Penetration Testers

With over 120+ penetration testers actively assessing applications, we’re confident that all our test cases are validated by multiple penetration testers yielding a consistent & precise output. All vulnerabilities are assessed by highly experienced Penetration Testers prior to completion.

Money-back Guarantee

All our Penetration Testing assessments are complimented by 100% money back Guarantee if we fail to provide less than 91% accuracy in our assessment. This ensures delivery for the highest standards for Penetration Testing unmatched in the industry.

Customers records
SOAR use cases
Employees Globally
Security Events
Ministry of Healthcare in Quebec
iBovi is committed to protect customer records for the Ministry of Healthcare of Quebec. Being one off our esteem clients we are committed in serving needs for Penetration Testing, Data Protection, Security Automation SOAR, Incident Response, Project advisory and more.
Penetration Testing on the tip of your finger
All-in-one mobile app for Penetration testing

Account management - PwnUS

One Platform to manage all your Penetration Testing engagments across the organization.

Advance Test Cases

With over 250+ test cases, we provide the most advanced Penetration testing service in the industry known ever.

Accurate Reports

With over 120+ penetration testers in the world we assure all the test cases are executed by various testers ensure a consistent and accurate results.

Money Back Guarantee

With over 91% accuracy in Penetration Testing, we are confident in our delivery and our service.

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